CFCR presents the official SK release party for the Mammoth Cave Records compilation "Bloodstains Across the Prairies", Friday May 11th at Amigos. The 7" vinyl release covers some of the finest underground acts from Saskatoon and Winnipeg, including some of our favorites here at the station.

All proceeds from the door go to CFCR Community Radio.

Feral Children
Auld Beak
Stephen Cooley
Silver Discs (formerly Trees)

Show starts at 10pm. Show is only $5! Bring your friends. All of them.

What Mammoth Cave has to say about this newest addition to the Bloodstains Canada series:

"When we set out to compile the Bloodstains Across The Prairies 7", we had no idea what (if anything) we would find. This one took a little more digging than the first three compilations in this series, but in the end we are more than happy with how weird this thing came out. We wanted one side from Saskatchewan and one side from Manitoba, and found our favourites in the cities of Saskatoon and Winnipeg, and we fell in love with both. A welcome surprise!"

Side Saskatoon
1. Feral Children - UandI
2. Caves - Feed The Plow
3. Haunted Souls - Hairy Prairie
4. Eyebats - Ladyboners
5. Stephen Cooley - Gets Us Nowhere
6. Auld Beak - Queen of the North
7. Trees - Weyburn 1952 (Bloodstains Bad Trip)

Side Winnipeg:
1. Atomic Don and the Black Sunrise - Evelyn
2. Microdot - End Credits Roll
3. Plague Rats Throughout History - Poison Noise Saintdom
4. Angry Dragons - Bang Bang
5. This Hisses - The Long Slow Crawl
6. F.P. Tranquilizer - Our Love


A big thank-you goes out to our good friend Chris Morin (aka Chrix Morix) for designing the poster for the event! Demon Scratchy! Run! We hope to see everyone out at the show on the 11th!