Jeff - 13-09-16Throughout the many years of FM-Phasis, CFCR's volunteer hosts have come up with some very creative ways to bring in your donations. Hosts have offered breakfast dates, band t-shirts and bike tune-ups to go with the already plentiful gifts that come with a donation to CFCR.

Tuesday So Many Roads host Jeff Montgomery (pictured, right) is continuing this tradition in fine fashion by committing himself to shaving a beard he has sported for 35 YEARS if he's able to become CFCR's single-highest pledge earner... ever. If Jeff is able to raise $5000 towards CFCR's annual fundraising drive, he will have his beard shaved by the deftly wielded straight razor of Aziz at Hamm's Barbershop, where Jeff got his first ever haircut in 1956. The last time he shaved his beard was on Good Friday, in 1978.

If you wish to support Jeff in his quest for $5000 in pledges, or would like to donate to any of CFCR's wonderful programs, please call CFCR at (306) 664-6678, visit us at 267 3rd Ave S (3rd Floor), or click here to donate online.  You can find all the information on prizes and everything else FM-Phasis-related by clicking right here.