Local inst-doom-mentalists Shooting Guns have been riding the wave of their amazing 2011 album Born to Deal in Magic 1952-1976 for a little while now, so they thought it was high time they put something new out to destroy our collective ear drums. This something new comes in the form of a split 7" record with UK psych-rock band Cult of Dom Keller. The single features a new Guns track on the A-side called "Down And Out in Detroit" and "Painted Skulls" by Cult of Dom Keller on the flip.

Clocking in at 3:08, the comparatively short song follows the Shooting Guns' model of the musical Blizzard, so thick you gotta spoon it up.

Local upstart label Leaning Trees will put it's stamp of approval on the record, which should be available sometime in March. You can check out the Shooting Guns side at Leaning Trees' Soundcloud below:

Local artist John Vaughn provided the cover art for the Shooting Guns side, which you can see above. Pre-order for the single is on now through Leaning Trees' store.

Shooting Guns have a few shows coming up, starting with an appearance at Ominocity.com's one-year anniversary party, Omfest, this Saturday at Louis' on the U of S campus. Ominocity just jazzed up their site today, so have a look now!