Saskatoon instrumental pop experimenter economics (aka Dean Summach) released the first in a three-part series of EPs this week, simply titled A/D. In true economics style, A/D Vol. 1 was released quietly and humbly, but is filled with a hybrid of digital and analog, all wrapped into a pretty pop package.

Summach and his wife Sheena (who also contributes to economics) run a short-run production company called Plainclothes Press, which helps bands who don't have the means to produce thousands of copies of their albums, but want to release a professionally packaged product. To show off their saavy, A/D Vol. 1 comes cleverly packaged in classic 5 1/4" floppy discs (see below). This is economics' first release since his 2008 self-titled album and has generously been made available for a quick listen or a free download via Bandcamp:

Keep your eyes & ears glued to CFCR for details on a CD release show.