Gozar the Gozarian, host of Sunset Gatekeeper, takes his eyes off the horizon long enough to answer a few questions about tending the gates of the sky and guiding radio listeners through that hairy time when one day passes into another.


Tell us about your show, Sunset Gatekeeper (Wednesday nights from 11:30 PM - 1:00 AM):

With eyes firmly trained somewhere on the ever-expanding skyline,  Gozar excavates ancient and current trends in levitation and expansion, musically speaking. The mix can involve the jacked-up speed jamz of The Seeds to the highway hymns of Kraftwerk, strange 911 calls, static-cloaked electronics, Timothy Leary and Haight Ashbury good times bleeding on the sun-soaked tarmac. The record collection only gets bigger by the hour.

Prepare for the summoning of Vince Clortho as you cross the witching hour of psychic mid-week madness!  Gozar the Gozarian will be taking the trip......will you?


"To me radio means..."

...the ancient transmissions of physical electron waves through wires and generators which led, of course, to the transmission of light waves currently used digitally. But the original idea still intrigues me as well as the obvious fun there is to be had manipulating audio tracks in ways the listener may never had thought of.  Having those frequencies sent out with those ideas implanted in them forever is a cosmic mindblower!


Please pick an album or a song: something old, new, borrowed or blue — could be an old favourite or something new that you can’t get enough of. Tell us how or why you got into it, and what makes it special….


2013 Sunset Gatekeeper

Due to the vastness of my vinyl collection and the many varieties and genres I like, it is extremely hard to pinpoint any exact song that I love more than most. As for the music I mainly play on the show,  psychedelically speaking, would have to be the song "Careful With That Axe Eugene" from Pink Floyd's Ummagumma LP.  It has a very wonderful memory in my heart and is an inspiration to most of the music I write when I'm not programming for radio. Totally essential for the dedicated psychehead's collection.


Tune into Sunset Gatekeeper: Wednesday nights, 11:30 PM to 1:00 AM.