Saskatoon instrumental ear-splitters Shooting Guns are in the final stages of preparing their full-length debut, the amazingly titled Born To Deal In Magic: 1952-1976.

The album will include tracks previously appearing on a 7" ("Dope Strings" & "Harmonic Steppenwolf"), tracks from an EP the band split with Toronto heavy psychoids Holy Mount ("Stay Awake Forever," "Black Hand" & "The Last Great Depression"), as well as three new doom-flavoured nuggets of sludge ("Public Taser," "Liberator" & "Cheater's Justice").

Check out the image that will appear on the cover, the album's tracklist as well as a streamer of "Cheater's Justice" below:

Side A:
1 Harmonic Steppenwolf
2 Public Taser
3 Dope Strings
4 Last Great Depression

Side B:
5 Black Hand
6 Liberator
7 Stay Awake Forever
8 Cheater's Justice

Shooting Guns - "Cheater's Justice"
[audio: Guns - Cheater's Justice.mp3]

 The official release date on the LP has yet to be announced, so keep your internet eyes and ears locked on for more Shooting Gunnery.