It's been a wild few weeks here at CFCR. We've seen a bucket-load of great music at MoSo Fest and Jazz Fest (which continues until July 1st) in Saskatoon and Sled Island in Calgary (well, before the city flooded that is).

It seems like so long ago now that MoSo happened, but going through the photos taken by our Program Director Jay Allen, it all comes back to us how great the festival was!

Have a looky-loo below for pics of great performances by Ladyhawk, Foggy Notions, Mohawk Lodge, UBT and lots more!

The Wizards (Friday, June 14 at Amigos)
Wizards 1 Wizards 2


Wizards 3

Ones (Friday, June 14 at Vangelis Tavern)
Ones 1 Ones 2

Coldest Night Of The Year (Friday, June 14 at Amigos)
Coldest Night Of The Year 1 Coldest Night Of The Year 2

Mohawk Lodge (Friday, June 14 at Amigos)Mohawk Lodge 1 Mohawk Lodge 2

Slow Down, Molasses (Friday, June 14 at Amigos)
Slow Down Molasses 1 Slow Down Molasses 2 Slow Down Molasses 3

Ladyhawk (Friday, June 14 at Amigos)
Ladyhawk 1 Ladyhawk 2 Ladyhawk 3

Castle River (Saturday, June 15 at Amigos)

Castle River 1  Castle River 3Castle River 2

Foggy Notions (Saturday, June 15 at Vangelis Tavern)
Foggy Notions 1
Foggy Notions 2

UBT (Saturday, June 15 at Vangelis Tavern)

Be sure to check back right here at often to check out coverage of the Sled Island festival in Calgary, which was awesome until the river overflowed! CFCR sent a team of yahoos to write about and photograph the goings on at the fest, and we'll be posting some stuff in the coming days.

All photos (c) 2013 Jay Allen