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words and photos by Jay Allen, CFCR Program Director

It seemed odd that I had never been to the Regina Folk Festival, but I guess I've never been a real 'folk festival' type of guy. In its 44th year, the festival has changed venues and identities over the years, but has always offered solid programming. And the trend of many genre festivals (jazz fests, blues fests, folk fests, etc) drifting further towards pleasing a broader audience actually worked in my favour in Regina, as many of the acts I was most excited about (Man Man, Charles Bradley, Hayden) weren't the classic 'folk fest' artists.

Some of my highlights of the 2013 Regina Folk Fest included:

1. The cover of Neil Young's "Helpless" by Elisapie, Hayden, Reuben & the Dark and Rah Rah on a Saturday workshop stage.
2. The Carolina Chocolate Drops were stand-out participants of a Sunday workshop stage with Hayden, Neko Case and Roseanne Cash and they also put on an outstanding performance on the Sunday main stage.
3. Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires. Easily my top pick of the festival, the 'Screaming Eagle of Soul' put on an incendiary performance of original neo-soul tunes on the Sunday night main stage. He also brought out a cover of a Neil Young tune, doing his own rendition of "Heart of Gold."
4. The food vendors offered a great variety of international and down home cuisine for festival goers, and some of them were open late!
5. Victoria Park itself! The park offers a central location and natural landscape, which combine well to make a comfortable, convenient backdrop for the festival.

Check out some photos from the 2013 Regina Folk Festival below:

01 Yana 02 01 Yana 01

02 Hayden 02

02 Hayden 04 02 Hayden 03

02 Hayden 01
02 Hayden 05 (with Feist)

Man Man
03 Man Man 02
03 Man Man 0603 Man Man 0503 Man Man 0403 Man Man 03 03 Man Man 01

Nomadic Massive
04 Nomadic Massive 01 04 Nomadic Massive 02

Close Talker
05 Close Talker 01

06 Bahamas 01 06 Bahamas 02

Workshop Stage w/ Roseanne Cash, Neko Case, Hayden & The Carolina Chocolate Drops
07 RFF Workshop 05 Crowd
07 RFF Workshop 01 Hayden 07 RFF Workshop 04 Neko Case 07 RFF Workshop 03 Roseanne Cash 07 RFF Workshop 02 CCD

The Carolina Chocolate Drops
08 Carolina Chocolate Drops 01 08 Carolina Chocolate Drops 02 08 Carolina Chocolate Drops 03

Roseanne Cash
09 Roseanne Cash 01 09 Roseanne Cash 02

Reuben & The Dark
10 Reuben + The Dark 01 10 Reuben + The Dark 02

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires
11 Charles Bradley 02 11 Charles Bradley 03 11 Charles Bradley 01 11 Charles Bradley 04 11 Charles Bradley 05 11 Charles Bradley 06

Neko Case
12 Neko Case 01 12 Neko Case 02

All photos (c) 2013 Jay Allen