Hey everyone! AVL here, dropping you the first of many, many interesting and captivating blog entries to come out of CFCR's Music Department!

Spring is here, and new releases are falling from the sky… rising from the ground… appearing on your plate at breakfast. Albums making (air)waves at CFCR as of late are The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night, Yukon Blonde S/T and The Morning Benders Big Echo (which you can read all about in our CD Review section!). Be sure to stay tuned to the blog to find out what's arrived at the station, and check out our weekly chart to see what music floats our proverbial boat(s).

If you like rockin' albums AND seeing bands live (crazy concept, I know…), stay in touch with our live music calendar for all the latest. Whether it's a band touring in a bus, or a 1978 GMC Van with shag carpeting, it'll be on there. Just a couple of the shows to get excited for include:

Apr 30th — Amigos - The Besnard Lakes w/ Hollerado

May 26th — Louis' - The Sadies w/ The Pack A.D

June 29th — Amigos - Sleepy Sun w/ Guests

That's it, that's all. Hope you like the new features on the site. We're striving to keep you in the know/up to date/turn you into a know-it-all. Enjoy!