Our local music cohorts over at Ominocity are celebrating their first anniversary... and they've assembled quite the party!

In order to properly party down, you are required to bring $15 to Louis' Pub on Saturday, March 3rd, and you shall receive musical offerings from:

Shooting Guns
We Were Lovers
Reform Party
The Quitters Club
Lady Deathstryke
The Foggy Notions
The Seahags


Be sure to add Ominocity to your daily go-to bookmarks! A very fine e-zine that is dedicated to promoting the arts, music and independent media, with an emphasis on local events and emerging talent. Hey! Just like CFCR. That's why we get along so well!

Advance tickets for Omfest are also available online HERE!

Congrats again to the crew over at Ominocity!