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Join us in celebrating the one-year anniversary of CFCR show Banglar Gaan O Kotha  - wherever in the world you may be, Banglar Gaan O Kotha is close to you using your web or mobile browser! Host Jebunnessa Chapola shares the following message with CFCR listeners:

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Dear Listeners:

Let's greet Banglar Gaan O Kotha and say Happy birthday to it's first birthday! Over more than a year, Banglar Gaan O Kotha has acted as the vehicle to bring to the Bangla-speaking people around the world programs on Bangla culture and music including dialogue forums on contemporary issues of relevance to expatriate Bengali people.

Through this, we have provided a way for our expatriate community to keep in touch with their own culture, music and literature. At the same time, we have provided opportunities for connecting the expatriate community with the people and ideas in their new country.

In order to keep this program relevant and with contents that reflect contemporary thinking, we need Bangla-speaking people from anywhere in the world to get involved. An important way of doing so is to tune in to the program every Sunday morning. It is aired at 9:00 am Saskatoon time (Central Standard Time) which is 9:00 pm Bangladesh time and 8:30 pm Indian Standard Time. If you have any suggestion or request please e-mail us at

Jebunnessa Chapola
On behalf of Banglar Gaan O Kotha team
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Banglar Gaan O Kotha news came into Bangladeshi national news paper Prothom Alo. Please find the link below:

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