It's a good thing we just had a long weekend, so all of us down here at CFCR HQ could recover from the amazing night we had at CFCR's Membership Drive Bash at Amigos on Saturday! Thanks to everyone who attended to see local powerhouses Powder Blue and Breaker Breaker. And an extra thanks to all of you who bought a membership (and got a fizzy bottle of somethin' somethin' in return).

The night was one of magic and mayhem, with Powder Blue debuting their new four-piece lineup with amazing results. Keep your eyes on this band folks and check them out live whenever you can.

Breaker Breaker then took the stage and did their best to breaker-break Amgios' sound system with an all-out rock n' roll assault. The knee-jerk reaction would be to say that the most remarkable thing about their set was the fact that their bass player was wearing nothing but pink briefs, cowboy boots and a bandana, but their tight, riff-y rock n' roll was more than enough to rise above any stage antics.

Scroll down to see some pictures of the mayhem that was Saturday night's show.

Membership Drive is still hummin' along, so if you haven't got your membership yet, please pick yours up today, either by calling us at (306) 664-6678, by visiting us on the 3rd Floor of 267 3rd Ave S, or by clicking here to purchase yours securely online.

Powder Blue

Breaker Breaker


All photos (c) 2012 Jason Allen