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A few weeks back, we posted a track by a brand new Saskatoon band called Powder Blue, featuring members of Color Field, Foggy Notions, The Ultimate Power Duo and We Were Lovers. Since then, we’ve been having trouble getting the song, entitled “I Can Go On Forever,” out of our collective heads, so we thought we’d learn a little more about the band. Our Program Director, Jay Allen caught up with guitarist/vocalist Shelby Gaudet by email, Facebook and the phone to get the low down on this up-and-coming group.

JA: Who are the members of Powder Blue and how did you get started?

SG: I sing and play guitar. Sarah (Krawec) plays bass and sings, Janice (Weber) plays guitar and sings. Elsa (Gebremichael) and Amber Kraft trade off on drums and keyboards and Elsa sings. (Sarah and I) were talking about playing together for a while, and at Elsa's birthday in July, Amber, Elsa and myself jammed at the end of the night for fun but then decided to make it a project.  After playing together a few times we decided we needed another guitar and so we pressured Janice into the band.  We've only been playing together for a couple months.

JA: Who is writing the songs in the band?

SG: So far we've been working on my songs, but everyone adds on their own parts, so it feels more like a collective.

JA: You’ve started recording already. Are you writing as you record or do you have a bunch of songs ready to go? Was that done on purpose to record before you had played live shows?

SG: We did record before playing a show on purpose; it’s just nice to not have to try and explain what we sound like, and the opportunity just kind of fell onto our lap.  Barrett Ross recorded for us and we'd like to work towards an EP. We have a few songs but they're still in their early stages.  We are planning to record in the new year.

As Shelby states, Powder Blue is focusing on recording rather than playing live at the moment, but you can catch the band in the new year, opening of Shuyler Jansen at The Bassment in Saskatoon on February 10th. And while we’re at it, let’s revisit “I Can Go On Forever” one more time:

I Can Go On Forever by powder blue