Well folks, it's official. CFCR is taking over the internet. It won't be a hostile take-over, we'll be gentle. But make no mistake about it, if you are looking for information about anything and everything awesome in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and beyond, go no further than CFCR.ca.

As you can see, we have a lot of exciting guests coming chat and perform on the Afternoon Buzz. We are so happy and proud to be able to support musicians, from local and up-and-comers to established acts and bonified indie rock stars.

Be sure to check out our Programming Schedule to guide you through our outstanding lineup. If you are new to CFCR, start at Green Eggs & Ham and just leave the radio on all day long. If you're a seasoned community radio vet, be sure to check back to the blog for information on the newest programs and hosts gracing our airwaves.

If you have feedback on our new web-stylings, feel free to drop us a line at cfcr@cfcr.ca. It's always great to hear from our listeners, at home and abroad. Thanks for your support! Without you, CFCR wouldn't exist, so let's be friends forever.