Exciting news from Saskatoon's music community:  Gescha (of the Intelligentlemen) has released a brand new video for "Love Pirates," directed by CFCR's very own Manny Thomson (aka Downtown Dave, Host of The Swing Shift, Wednesday).

The undeniably catchy track appears on his forthcoming album Crayon Politics, available April 26th. The album was produced by the incredible team of Factor and Muneshine, and features many guest appearances - Kay the Aquanaut, Moka Only and AWOL One to name a few.

The video was shot in St. James Parish right here in Saskatoon, using local talent as the congregation. CFCR's Chad Reynolds (The Afternoon Buzz, Wednesday) even appears as the dancing altar server! Just like real church!

If you're in the market for a stellar and sharp looking video like "Love Pirates", be sure to hit up Manny Thomson at downtownfilms@gmail.com. And believe us folks - this man pours his heart and soul into every project!