Saskatomb Halloween Ghoul Bash, The Return!

October 26, 2018
Location: Black Cat Tavern

It has returned, clawing its way out from a cold, clammy grave! Sweetooth & Evel Productions are back from the dead to bring you Saskatomb's most gruesome Halloween show at Saskatoon's Premier Music Venue, the mighty Black Cat! 

PATHETIC - diseased black/death from Calgary. First time in Saskatomb before they head to the haunted lands of Germany!

HEXENSABBAT - dismal black metal chaos. 2 long years they have been festering in their crypt and now they are back, more putrified than ever!

DENOGGINIZER - irradiated d-beat crustlords. In this wasteland of terror, you will be d-beaten to death!

WROUGHT - death metal sorcery and riff butchery. Your flesh will be lacerated with their barbed hooks!

MR AWESOME - twisted acoustic assault and battery. Clownin' ya in a John Wayne Gacy kind of way!

And your ghoulish host with the most, FABIAN DRAY. His jokes would make Beetlejuice blush!

RALPH THE HEAVY METAL SHEEP will be in attendance for photo ops!!

Distros, Costume Contest, Sick Prizes, Sick Set up and Video Presentation!!! YOUR EYEBALLS WILL BE ASSAULTED WITH NON-STOP GORE!!!!

10 Bones at the Door!

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