Ty Segall

album Ty Segall is a madman - musically speaking. Known for releasing more albums than CFCR staff orders pizza (no small feat), one would assume the quality of his work would decline with such a furious output. Quite the opposite, in fact. On Sleeper, Segall openly addresses the loss of his beloved and influental Father, and the subsequent falling out with his Mother. While some...Read More

The Moondoggies

Adios, I'm A Ghost
album Third album from this fantastic Seattle band. Touching on Americana, Rock, and 60's/70's Folk, I often refer them to the curious as the American version of The Deep Dark Woods. Highly underrated, but still very much appreciated - you should definitely give these guys a try on a late Saturday afternoon. Or any afternoon for that matter.  Read More

Daniel Romano

Come Cry With Me
album Having managed to avoid it for years, I was recently stuck into a social situation that required me to listen to top-40 country radio for several hours. As a self-expressed fan of “old country,” it would have at times been easy for me to mistake what I was hearing for a generic pop station – nothing I would call crooning, nary a twang of pedal steel to be heard,...Read More


Wishing Won't Make It So EP
album On a recent trip to Toronto, I took a break from the toils of record shopping and bicycle riding by sitting down for a wobbly pop at a Kensington Market watering hole. I sat down to go through my records and I got to wondering about a Toronto record label called Optical Sounds. I hadn’t yet found any of their...Read More


Sunson EP
album On Feral Children’s 2011 self-titled album, one of the most visceral moments comes on the album’s 3rd track, an almost Sonic Youth-ian ode to the end of the world entitled “2012.” While the exact date of the world’s demise remains to be determined, 2012 should heretofore be noted as the year that Feral Children ended. After the majority of...Read More


album Many of us remember the day that our clammy little hands gripped a copy of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Memories of thudding drums and howling rage are easily recalled with fondness. And then the thought sometimes drift through the cerebral cortex: would I still enjoy grunge if I heard it? The answer, for myself at least, is yes. With the help of Sub Pop imprint label...Read More


8 Moments Of Spring
album As the leaves change and that bastard Old Man Winter looms, it seems a contradictory time for Dumb Angel’s new album, Eight Moments of Spring. Though on the other hand, maybe an album of dulcet spring secular hymnals is exactly what we need to get through the harsh Canadian winter without blowing our brains out. Dumb Angel is the stage name of Shaun Mason, a...Read More


Young Canadians
album It’s hard to believe that Eamon McGrath is still in his early 20s; his delivery speaks of a man with much more experience under his belt. And whether he’s belting it out, or whispering into the mic, his gravel-throated voice doesn’t hurt this notion. My guess is that he’s been smoking two packs a day since he was six months old. He’s just released...Read More


Frying On This Rock
album Having been a massive fan of the group since the day my hungover soul was BURNED by their bomber-style live assault at the All Tomorrow’s Parties NY fest a couple years back, forgive me a little bit of leeway in my championing of Dave W, Ego Sensation and company as one of the last defenders of RAWK, in all its stinking glory, that a regular guy or gal can really lay your...Read More


Spaced Out
album A couple years ago, I decided to have my cat Chester neutered. I took him to a rural vet, and I agreed to take him back home pretty much right when the procedure was finished. The vet gave Chester a dose of ketamine (a common animal tranquilizer) to knock him out while keeping him conscious. It took most of that day for Chester to come out of the k-hole enough to even be able to...Read More

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