Sunson EP

On Feral Children’s 2011 self-titled album, one of the most visceral moments comes on the album’s 3rd track, an almost Sonic Youth-ian ode to the end of the world entitled “2012.” While the exact date of the world’s demise remains to be determined, 2012 should heretofore be noted as the year that Feral Children ended. After the majority of the principle band members, including project-founder Ryan Davidson, moved to various points on the planet, the writing was on the wall before Davidson, in a thoughtful online post, made the “death of Feral Children” official.

However, despite the sorrow of a significant loss to Saskatoon’s music scene, Feral Children weren’t ones to just leave without saying goodbye. And that goodbye is an EP entitled Sunson, a collection of five absolute gems to round out the FC canon of musical works.

The EP, recorded by local music man-about-town Chad Munson (Golden Smoke, The Moas) flows smoothly, though each track is its own distinct piece of music. From the hard-grooving lead track “Massive Dream Rug,” the percussive glitch in “Brave Kids” to the slow-head-bobbing “Counting” (the third track, despite being listed as fourth) and the thumping bass drum of “Lying = Dying,” this recording trades in that hard, unbridled energy of “2012” for a more introspective intensity. Neither is more or less convincing, just a different approach to the music. This EP washes over you instead of kicking you in the face.

But it’s how the EP ends that really tugs at the heartstrings of this Feral Children fan. The fifth and final song, “Verse,” which Feral Children had often played live in their final shows, begins with an almost a-rhythmic percussive element, only to launch into their most soaring, anthemic song to date. During the song’s chorus, one is dared not to pump his or her fists in absolute bliss, a fitting end to a band that constantly exuded energy and a desire for musical progression in Saskatoon.

RIP Feral Children.

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Record Details

Released: 2012
Record Label: Self-Released

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