Host of "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor"

Matty D is the first  in our new web-series profiling CFCR Volunteer Radio Hosts! Matty began as a host with his friend Shavonne on Rainbow Radio (Sunday nights, 9:30 PM) about four or five years ago. Though he acknowledges he isn’t the greatest at keeping time, he estimates  he's been hosting his regular gig “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor” Thursday nights/Friday morning at 12:30 AM for at least three years. We asked him a couple of questions…


Please pick an album or a song: something old, new, borrowed or blue - could be an old favourite or something new that you can't get enough of. Tell us how or why you got into it, and what makes it special….

The first album that popped into my head was Destiny's Child, Writings on the Wall. When they first came out, I was so young that I didn't really comprehend music, but I knew my sister listened to them. Their first record is so chill, then Bills came out and I made fun of it hard! Because I secretly loved it, but was afraid to admit it, like so many other things in my life. In my house it wasn't really acceptable for me to like that girl stuff, which is probably part of the reason I got so obsessed!  It wasn't until the controversial “Say my Name” video came out I really started to pay attention.  I have always liked music that makes me feel good, and I can bust out to - I love smooth RnB, that album fits almost every kind of mood.  I'm not a very confident guy so the empowerment they were always preaching I think was good for me, still is.  Even if you’re laughing at me right now for this you can't lie and say you don't love at least one song on that album, I don't skip any.   So I stole my sister's DC records and started my lifelong obsession. Whew. I could go on and on!  The new currant jam of mine is Katy B, Light as a Feather. She's so real and hit's the sweetest high note!

“To me, radio means…”  

Escape, love and fun.  I love hearing new music, playing new music, sharing.  Chatting about the things I like and maybe you get it and we connect.  Like my friend Tom says, "It's all about perspective."  Its definitely good therapy for me, I can go play some good tunes, drift off, and escape from the world for an hour and a half by trying to make it enjoyable for everyone involved.


Tune in to Matty's program - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Thursday nights, 12:30 AM