CFCR's FM-Phasis funding drive is moving right along, and we'd like to thank everyone who has donated so far for showing your support! With the drive already half finished, we are hoping to see a great flood of pledges come in during the second week.

As a means to tempt you into a donation, see below to get a peek at our fourth Grand Prize, an original piece of artwork by local artist Hugo Alvarado. The framed painting, entitled "Cityscape" is valued at $2750. The dimensions of the image are approximately 29"x36" (framed approximately 39"x46").

Anyone donating $250 or more will be entered into a draw for this beautiful acrylic-on-paper painting. For all the details on the rest of our Grand Prizes, Early Bird Prizes, and all the great things your donation can do for you, check out our FM-Phasis guide.