Brian Penner EDIT

You may or may not know that Pirate Radio (Thursdays, 7:30-9pm) used to be hosted by a fella by the name of The Captain. He still comes in to fill in for The Jay of Spades now and again, and next week, he's turning 50! We've been helping organize a little get-together, and we'd like to invite any & all Pirate Radio fans in Saskatoon to come celebrate a local radio legend!

Come on down to Vangelis Tavern (801 Broadway Avenue) next Wednesday, August 6th from 8-till-later for pizza, pops and maybe a bit of pool! CFCR DJs of past and present such as Nightwaves host Ron Spizziri & The Captain himself will be on-hand spinning tunes for your listening pleasure.

Admission is FREE FREE FREE!! Vangelis has also generously offered up a sweet pizza & beer deal, so you can get a small, two-topping pizza and a bottle of GW (selection limited) for just $10!

This is not a formal event at all, so even if you don't know him personally, come down with some friends to hang out and celebrate the 50th birthday of Brian "The Captain" Penner!

Check out the Facebook event page here.