CFCR is delighted to introduce Whole Hearts Matter for February's edition of Friends of CFCR. 

Whole Hearts Matter is a by-donation peer support and counselling service that is provided to empower those who have experienced trauma, and help unlock their hearts by learning to embrace the healing power of raw emotion. Whole Hearts Matter helps people find inner strength, courage and their voice to say, “I CAN DO THIS”.

What types of programs do you offer? What’s your most successful program?

I provide support for mental health well-being, relationship challenges, non-violent and respectful parenting, job seeking, addictions and recovery, immigration and much more! My dream is to educate and train more people in what I do, so we can spread the help and healing all around.

How have you seen your organization’s work make a difference?

I have seen huge benefits from the work I do, but especially specifically through the type of counselling I provide. I am unique as I do not use ONE method; the same as every client is unique. I learn so much from every person coming to me, and the sessions are mutually beneficial.  

What are any challenges or obstacles your organization has faced? How were they overcome?

The most substantial obstacle that I have yet to overcome is becoming "registered", so clients are not able to use their benefits for sessions with me - yet. Regardless, the benefits itself cover only a certain amount of sessions, sometimes only one. It takes at least 6 sessions to see whether the therapeutic relationship will work. It takes time to develop trust in a counsellor.

What is something that you wish.more people knew about your organization?

I would encourage people to go check out who I am and what I do; read testimonials and try something new. Spending money on mental well-being truly must be a priority nowadays because our physical heath very much depends on our state of mind. An unhappy mind will not create a healthy body. The past 3 years have been throwing curveball after curveball at us and it is of utmost priority to not let that sink in deeper into our emotions and bodies but rather start working regularly on healing and...feeling!

How can the community help your organization reach its goals?

The community can help by sharing about Whole Hearts Matter, by picking up my newsletter called Insights & Connections, by advertising with me and most importantly; feeling brave enough to reach out, meet me and try something new.

What about fundraising or donating opportunities?

One can go to my website and support by donating money, food, clothing, or even better – their own services – knowledge, wisdom, experiences. My dream is to create a community of professionals and support workers who come together and create a support net for those who are in need and truly cannot access it. I know first-hand how difficult and cruel the world can be at times and I would love to see big changes in peoples’ hearts, individually and collectively.

You can meet me at the Family Expo on March 18th at the Prairieland Park, ask questions, learn about me and allow me to learn about them.