Remember that Sesame Street song, “These are the people in your neighbourhood?” Well, here’s a new feature about the people at your community radio station!  You like to party, and we like to party, so why don’t we party together?  Join us for...


This time around, we’re getting to know not just one, but two co-hosts; namely, Kate Herriot and Jenna-Lee Hyde. These two actual theatre professionals manage to carve out the time each week in the midst of demanding productions to craft CFCR’s weekly live theatre show Mom, I’m A Thespian (Fridays, 7-7:30 PM). They’ve also both been invaluable additions to fundraising events, commercial voicing, and their sunny presence around the frightfully moribund CFCR offices.  While we must say “break a leg” to Jenna-Lee as she shoves off to pursue her career, we are extremely happy that Kate will continue to carry the Mom, I'm A Thespian torch with new co-host Angela Kemp.

How did you first come to learn about CFCR? 

KH: When I was working on my first professional theatre show out at Dancing Sky Theatre, Heather Morrison brought me onto Mom, I’m a Thespian to talk about the show I was in, Reflections: The Little Prince. I hadn’t made my big move to Saskatoon yet from Regina, but I immediately fell in love with this studio space and the people devoting their time & energy to CFCR.

JLH: I accidentally stumbled upon CFCR when I was a teenager waiting in the car on a trip into the city. I started randomly playing with the radio dial until I heard some punk song that I had never heard before, but instantly loved, and was like "ok, remember this station". But, I couldn't pick CFCR up in the town I grew up in. Cue sad music. However, as a teenager my dear friend Amber and I would drive into the city, and listen to CFCR while writing bad/good poetry by the weir in her car. The coolest of cats we were... 

Why do you volunteer? Why is CFCR important to the community?

KH: Volunteering is important to me on a personal level because as a theatre artist, it’s easy to get caught in the gears of the “make-money machine,” trying to put a dollar value on art. It’s beyond valuable to me to volunteer at a place like CFCR because I always know my work here is directly tied into my passion, without money getting in the way. CFCR is full of people sharing their ideas, tastes and conversation, all for the love of it, so you know every time you turn on your radio to 90.5, you’re going to get something meaningful.

JLH: Volunteering has allowed me to engage with people, artists, and theatre professionals from across Canada, and I don't think that's an experience I would have been able to have otherwise. At least not quite in the same way. I have had some pretty amazing talks with really smart, kind, and talented folks, and I feel lucky for those experiences. I'm also happy to represent a small part of Saskatoon's diverse community by bringing our theatre scene to CFCR. That's part of why I volunteer, and also why I think CFCR is so important - it's diverse and works to be as all-encompassing as a community radio station can be. I think it's important that a community is fully represented, and I feel that CFCR does a solid job of showcasing the multicultural and diverse nature of this city that other stations just can't keep up with. 

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on the air?

KH: When I’m racing to get an episode of Mom, I’m a Thespian recorded in time, I’m not always able to bring the interviewee into the studio, so I have to go find them wherever they are and find a quiet enough spot to record. Sometimes this means getting a little creative. When I interviewed Robbie Towns for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Persephone Theatre, for example, we had to hide in the bathroom to block out the sounds of construction going on in the building! It didn’t actually end up being very helpful, as Robbie insisted upon flushing the toilet periodically throughout the interview…

JLH: Once the fire alarm went off in the middle of an interview for a solid couple of minutes. That was more surprising than crazy. Since our show is pre-recorded we're safe from a lot of "wuh-oh!" moments since we can just hit pause. Some people's admissions on our show have been pretty shocking, and hilarious, but I don't think anything truly crazy has happened. ...yet.

What’s your favourite CFCR show(s)?

KH: I LOVE it when I am able to listen in to Third Verse on Wednesday nights (9-10:30pm). I have a secret heart that beats only for hip-hop that’s heavy on the wordplay and heavy on the turntable skills, and I’m pretty much guaranteed to find that fix with Third Verse. Editor's note: Third Verse is celebrating its "20-ish" anniversary on Saturday, August 29th at Amigos.

JLH: Green Eggs and Ham is the one I catch the most, and it usually charms me into a good mood (which is tough to do in the morning, let's be real). I really do like the commercials too. Well done B-Flates.

Who is your favourite local band/actor/artist/performer? Non-local?

KH: I have nothing but mad, mad love and respect for my co-host Jenna-Lee Hyde and our newest addition to the family, Angela Kemp who just aired her first episode on August 14th! Those women absolutely shine onstage. But that’s being VERY insular of me. It’s a very exciting time for theatre in Saskatoon with many indie projects popping up soon, so that covers a whole SWACK of artists whom I love and admire. Right now as far as music goes, I’m obsessed with Father John Misty and sask-artist-wise, I am excited & intrigued about where Rah Rah’s music is heading.

JLH: This is so many questions in one question! 

For music - Little Criminals are a joy to see and hear every time I do. Seriously. That is an enchanting duo. This city has no shortage of talented acts though. The K-Bros are lovely to listen to as well. They make me want to wear my hair in a high ponytail and drink milkshakes..!

Non-local? Sharon Van Etten. She is first prize in my musical heart. 

Aside from radio, what else do you like to do?

KH: My primary work in the theatre is as an actor and theatre educator through the Theatre School at Persephone. I also am a board member with Live Five Independent Theatre (season launch & dance party coming up on Sept 19th!) and I’ve started to build up a resume as an emerging theatre director in town as well. I like to work myself to the bone with everything related to theatre, so every once in a while it’s good to do something relaxing. In those cases, I turn to birdwatching, cross stitching, and mixing the perfect cocktail.

JLH: More often than not, I fill any "free" time I have with work related things - reading plays, seeing theatre, researching and reading articles, listening to podcasts... I get distracted very easily, so I try to keep myself on task as best I can. Otherwise I'd probably just eat chips all day. And sometimes DO! 

Besides that, though, I am very into sharing space with good people, so I find ways to do that.

What’s your favourite/least favourite pizza topping?

KH: Oooh. Okay pizza is very important to me. I go crazy for goat cheese 90% of the time and if you throw something weird & wonderful on there like figs, I will probably develop a gooey, awkward, Grade 6-style crush on you. 

JLH: First, get your pineapple off my pizza. 

Then, get your fresh mozzarella on there. With some basil too if you want. Maybe some sort of meat. What, you want pepperoni? Ya, put it on. Prosciutto? Sure. Whatever. 

Basically I like my pizza pretentious, and I'd like it now. Please.

What’s the best book you’ve read/movie you’ve seen recently?

KH: I was watching a lot of horror films this summer because I was directing a horror play for the YXE Fringe (Look//See, hope you saw it!) and so I was introduced to a few good ones. Babadook really freaked me out in a satisfying way and Woman in Black was thrilling and a great ghost story.

JLH: I am currently reading an anthology of plays by Sarah Ruhl, and really enjoying it. "The Clean House" and "Melancholy Play" specifically are very charming and weird, which is very much up my alley.

The last book-book I read was one called The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons by Sam Kean which is fascinating. You learn all about the brain with historical examples along the way. It is both smart and entertaining, I tell you true. 

As for movies I'm way behind on watching anything recent. Seriously, someone come watch a movie with me. 

Here's the part where we post some links to things our "Get To Know" subjects like. With our music program hosts, it's usually links to songs, but in this case, we're posting some Twitter links to smaller local theatre producers that Kate would like you to know about, followed by some cool stuff Jenna-Lee likes:

Kate's Links:

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan - @shakespearesask

Saskatoon Shakes Lab - @yxeShakesLab

Dancing Sky Theatre - @DanceSkyTHEATRE

Persephone Theatre School - @PersTheaSch1

Embrace Theatre - @EmbraceTheatre

Theatre Howl - @TheatreHowl

Neverending Highway Productions - @NEHighway

Sum Theatre - @SumTheatreSK

Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company - @sntc_ca

Jenna-Lee's Faves:

This American Life turned one of their episodes into a musical.'s good. You can find it here. The whole thing is good, but "21 Chump Street" is specifically what I'm talking about here.

For less giggles, but more insight... For anyone who wants to do theatre, or is currently doing it, this is the best talk out there. Patsy Rodenburg in all her glory:

And, finally, for some simple toe-tapping'... Leon Bridges, ladies and gentlemen:

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