Remember that Sesame Street song, “These are the people in your neighbourhood?”  Well, here’s a feature about the people at your community radio station!  You like to party, and we like to party, so why don’t we party together?  Join us for...

Get to Know a CFCR Volunteer!

This time, we tip our Donny Hathaway hats (see picture to the right) to CFCR Hot Buttered Soul host, Bill Jones. A native of Winnipeg, Bill has been involved with the station for many years, both as a host and as a one-time member of our sales team. Bill’s weekly slot is the Thursday “Lunch With Bill” edition of Hot Buttered Soul, which was the top soul show on the donation list for our FM-Phasis fundraising campaign! Lately, Bill has also generously leant his time to the weekly Tuesday HBS spot, as well as other fill-ins throughout the week.

Bill’s distinct take on the funk, soul and R&B genres includes songs from 50s to the 80s, and often interesting and informative tidbits of info about when an artist was born, when (and how) they died, and when they got arrested for tax fraud or cocaine possession. Bill enjoys “grooving to the music (he) grew up with and sharing it with a dedicated CFCR listening audience on radio and internet.”

Bill is a proud dad and granddad, and it’s always a real treat when he comes by the station to host.

How did you first come to learn about CFCR?

I have known about CFCR since my days working at a local radio station in Saskatoon back in the 80s.

Why do you volunteer? I volunteer as a host of because it is a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I love to share with listeners the history and backgrounds of soul songs and news about the artists.

Why is CFCR important to the community?

CFCR is very good for the Community & City of Saskatoon as it provides a place for local artists to share and promote their music with listeners. Multicultural broadcasting allows culture groups to share music, news, and activities in the city in their native language. Many special events in Saskatoon and surrounding area do not get to promote on commercial radio, but CFCR promotes those events & fundraisers regularly.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on the air?

I signed off the air 15 minutes early. Realizing after my last song I had 15 minutes left, I explained to the listeners that old age was catching up to me and played “Bad Bad Whiskey” by Amos Milburn.

What’s your favourite CFCR show(s)?

Hot Buttered Soul, So Many Roads, The Swing Shift

Who is your favourite local band? Non-local band?

There are a variety of local Jazz & Blues bands that I enjoy. Most of my love for music is what I grew up with; music from the 50s, 60s & 70s.

Aside from radio, what else do you like to do?

Enjoying the company of my Grand-Kids.  


Here are a few tracks Bill enjoys. You might just hear some of these when he takes to the airwaves to host Hot Buttered Soul

Al Green - "You Ought to Be With Me"

Ray Charles feat. James Taylor - "Sweet Potato Pie"

George Benson - "Lady Love Me (One More Time)"


Mavis Staples - "In Times Like These"

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