Here's something to warm up one of the first actually cold days Saskatoon has seen in an eerily long time (it's -27 with the windchill). Shooting Gun and Golden Smoker Chris Laramee also makes loopy soundscape music under the Wasted Cathedral banner, and he's in the process of releasing a couple of cassettes via Winnipeg label Prairie Fire Tapes this winter.

Today, Laramee posted a link to his Soundcloud on Facebook that features four tracks from the first self-titled cassette. That's the cover art to the left.

The news is being met with online praise, the best quote being from Saskatoon ex-pat Shaun Mason, aka Dumb Angel, who pointed out that Laramee is "still drone-y after all these years."

So curl up with a Hot Toddy and treat your ears to some much-needed solace:
Wasted Cathedral - s/t by dubditchpicnic