It took a little bit of time, but we've finally got the photos from our last weekend of FM-Phasis Fest shows ready to roll. The dust is settling on FM-Phasis and we're happy to announce that we made over $6800 on the "Fest" shows alone! Our overall total is still lagging behind last year a little bit, so if you haven't made your pledge/donation yet, click here.

On Friday, September 28th, we had a great show featuring one of just two out-of-town bands to play FM-Phasis Fest: Bend Sinister. Joining this BC piano-prog-pop band at Amigos were local acts Pandas in Japan and The Moas, completing a sort of Bend Sinister sandwich (Pandas played first; Moas last). Our default photographer, Program Director Jay Allen, was off gallivanting at an earlier obligation, so he sadly missed out on Pandas In Japan, but you can check out photos of the other two bands below:

Bend Sinister

The Moas

Our final FM-Phasis show took place on Saturday, September 29th at Amigos and was once again an all-local affair, with Pearson playing their first show in a while, along with newer additions to the Saskatoon bandscape, The Wizards and SAVS. There has beenĀ  a good amount of buzz around both of these newcomers, so anticipation was running high. The bands did not disappoint, with great sets by all three. SAVS in particular really tore it up, which served as a fitting end to our annual fundraising drive. Check the pics below:



The Wizards


Once again, CFCR would like to send a HUGE thank-you to all the bands who played our FM-Phasis Fest shows, as well as the hoards who attended and great many people who have donated their hard-earned cash to CFCR's FM-Phasis fundraising drive. We already knew Saskatoon ruled, but it sure is great to have that point reaffirmed!

all photos (c) 2012 Jason Allen