Here's one last Best-of-2011 list for the pile, and it's a doozy. Canada's premier campus/community radio charting agency, !earshot announced their National Top 200 list this week, and three albums from Saskatoon have made the grade. The Deep Dark Woods' fantastic album The Place I Left Behind hit #21, while Shooting Guns' instrumental tar pit Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976 was #142 and The Sheepdogs' break-out album Learn and Burn made it to #160. The Deep Dark Woods also grabbed the #1 spot on the 2011 National Folk/Roots/Blues Top 20 chart.

As opposed to many "Top" lists that saturate the masses at the end of each year, the !earshot list is compiled from weekly charts as submitted by 50 of the top campus & community radio stations in Canada (including CFCR), and is based on the actual airplay of each album.

"Thanks to CFCR and everyone who has supported us along the way," messaged Shooting Guns drummer Jim Ginther. "2011 was a blast and this is the year that Saskatoon bands take over!"

Deep Dark Woods drummer Lucas Goetz was also quick to thank local community radio for contributing to their success.

"CFCR has been one (of) our biggest supporters since day-one 6 1/2 years ago, by sponsoring shows and playing our tunes," he said in a message. "Congrats Saskatoon on a great year in music. More than earshot knows."

Sheepdogs frontman Ewan Currie also put his two cents in on his band's inclusion on the !earshot list.

"Many thanks to all the good people that make CFCR possible," Currie messaged. "The first radio station to ever play us is still our favourite."

Regina band Library Voices made the list as well, with their album Summer of Lust checking in at #25.

Be sure to stay tuned to CFCR for the latest news on all the great bands Saskatoon has to offer.