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For the month of  February 2024, we are here to give you the details about all of the amazing programming Meewasin has to offer! 

The Meewasin Valley Authority was established in 1979 as a result of collaboration between the City of Saskatoon, the Province of Saskatchewan, and the University of Saskatchewan. Its creation was driven by a desire to protect and develop the natural and cultural resources along the South Saskatchewan River Valley.


The primary mission of the Meewasin Valley Authority is to conserve the natural and cultural heritage resources of the South Saskatchewan River Valley, ensuring that the area remains a vibrant and healthy urban green space. Meewasin works to balance conservation efforts with responsible development, recreation, and education. The organization is dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable practices.

Key aspects of Meewasin's mission include:

Conservation: Protecting and preserving the ecological integrity of the South Saskatchewan River Valley, including its flora, fauna, and natural habitats.

Education: Providing educational programs and opportunities for the public to learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the region, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility.

Recreation: Developing and maintaining recreational areas and trails along the river valley to encourage outdoor activities and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Research: Supporting research initiatives that contribute to the understanding and conservation of the South Saskatchewan River Valley's ecosystems.

Meewasin plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological health of the river valley while ensuring that the public can enjoy its beauty and significance.

What types of programs or activities do you offer? What’s your most successful program?

1. Educational Programs

    -Nature Walks and Interpretive Programs: Guided walks and programs focusing on the flora, fauna, and ecosystems of the river valley.

    -School Programs: Educational initiatives for students, providing hands-on learning experiences related to the environment and conservation.

    -Experiences: Focused on combining local food and beverages with conservation learning for transformative and fun activities throughout the Valley.

2. Recreational Programs
    - Trail Systems: Maintenance and development of trails for walking, running, cycling, and other recreational activities along the river valley.
    - Outdoor Events: Hosting community events, festivals, and activities to encourage outdoor recreation and community engagement.

3. Conservation Initiatives
    - Habitat Restoration: Projects aimed at restoring and preserving natural habitats within the river valley
    - Wildlife Monitoring: Programs focused on monitoring and protecting the diverse wildlife in the region.

4. Community Engagement
    - Volunteer Programs: Opportunities for community members to get involved in conservation efforts through volunteer work.
    - Public Forums and Workshops: Events and workshops addressing environmental issues and fostering community discussions.

Are there specific demographics of communities you primarily serve?

Meewasin is focused on present and future generations living in and visiting the Valley – that is to say, we strive to work for everyone, making the Valley accessible to all those who seek to enjoy it, both now and for years to come.

How have you seen your organization’s work make a difference? Can you share any success stories or provide examples of positive outcomes directly impacted by your organization?

Meewasin has been able to maintain one of the most publically accessible riverfronts in North America with a world-class trail system, high quality environmental programming and support grassland and wetland ecosystems to thrive in the Saskatoon region. Meewasin also does a lot of work to share its best practices locally, nationally and internally to improve sustainable city planning and support global frameworks such as the SDGs and Global Biodiversity Framework.

Do you collaborate with other non-profits, agencies, or businesses to provide programs or resources? How do these collaborations enhance the effectiveness of your programs?

We collaborate with a vast array of other organizations – governments, NGOs, non-profits, multinational corporations, and local businesses included – to enhance the effectiveness of our efforts with increased funding and awareness, as well as to create a sense of community.

What are any challenges or obstacles your organization has faced? How were they overcome?

We face similar challenges to many non-profit organizations with a need for more funding to support community need.

We do the best we can in overcoming these challenges by actively fostering relationships with the community, with partners, and with other organizations.

Do you have a long-term vision or dream for your organization?

Meewasin follows a 100 year plan developed by the late Raymond Moriyama. Its vision is a healthy and vibrant river valley enjoyed by present and future generations, and everything Meewasin does works towards continuing to fulfill this vision.

How can the community help your organization reach its goals?

Donating and volunteering keep our organization going. Also any proceeds from our paid experiences goes back into valley stewardship.

What volunteer opportunities are there within your organization? How can individuals or groups get involved and support your organization through volunteering?

We have monthly volunteering for work throughout the Meewasin Valley for things like tree wrapping, invasive species removal, citizen science activities and cleaning up litter.

People can get involved by registering at https://meewasin.com/volunteerschedule/; interested groups can contact Meewasin’s Community Events & Volunteer Coordinator, Katie, at kwalls@meewasin.com.

What about fundraising or donating opportunities?

We have many opportunities to support Meewasin through a donation! One of our most popular is a small monthly donation, it’s easy and allows you to make a bigger impact over the year.

Donors are able to direct their donation to the part of Meewasin’s mandate that they care about most and we have a huge number of benches, bricks, trees and other recognition throughout they valley for larger donations.

The full list of options for donating is available at https://meewasin.com/donate/.

What is something that you wish more people knew about your organization?

More about our conservation work, we are most known for the Meewasin Trail. Development of recreational trails and spaces is only one third of our mandate, our programming and conservation work is so incredible and deserves more attention than it gets locally.

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