Remember that Sesame Street song, “These are the people in your neighbourhood?”  Well, here’s a feature about the people at your community radio station!  You like to party, and we like to party, so why don’t we party together?  Join us for...

Get to Know a CFCR Volunteer!

For the second time in a row, we're featuring one of our long-time Spoken Word program hosts, but luckily this time, it's not a way to say goodbye. Tyler Baptist has been a part of the hosting team of CFCR's film review show Reel To Reel (Fridays, 6:30-7pm) since way back in 2009, after he and some other local "film people" got together to start the show. Over 450 episodes later, Reel To Reel is still CFCR's cinematic authority, bringing listeners thoughtful (and often scathing) reviews of films coming to big screens & small screens alike. Tyler has also been known to bring his love of music to CFCR's airwaves as well, filling in for Reel To Reel co-host Skot Hamilton, on his heavy music program End-Times Transmissions (Thursdays, 11pm-12:30am).

Off the air, Tyler excels as a volunteer as well. As one of the first people to work a shift during our 2018 FM-Phasis Fundraising Drive in October, our new Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca noted his capable demeanor and relaxed attitude, and thought he was a great introduction to the hard work & dedication of CFCR volunteers. 

How did you first come to learn about CFCR?

I first listened to CFCR back in high school, having discovered the local music scene through The Bassment which was the hot spot all-ages venue at the time and learning that's where I could hear all sort of local artists and non-mainstream music and programs outside of catching them live. Since then my FM dial is always tuned to 90.5.

Why do you volunteer? Why is CFCR important to the community?

I volunteer at CFCR because I believe community radio is always important for providing a voice for local musicians, artists, speakers, people, community, and multiculturalism. So having CFCR here in Saskatoon is vastly important at keeping those community ties and providing people with options that aren't just mainstream media and corporate branding.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on the air?

We've had the opportunity to interview a few celebrities here and there on the show, but one of the craziest was Jason Mewes (of Jay & Silent Bob fame) who during the interview was in the airport on layover so was pretty hectic trying to conduct the Q&A over the phone.

What’s your favourite CFCR show(s)?

Honestly can't pick a favourite as there's plenty I listen to, and they span all genres of music to the spoken word programming, so whatever is currently on when I'm driving from point A to B at any given time.

Who is your favourite local band? Non-local band?

Lots of great musicians doing great things so not picking favourites, but lately local bands like Waitress, Chunder Buffet, Arson Cult, The Switching Yard, Man Meat, and musicians like respectfulchild and Taylor Jade have been hitting my ears. Blue Youth from Regina have also been on heavy rotation. As for non-locals, Hot Snake's newest and old R&B/soul legend Swamp Dogg's latest have been some of my favourite albums of the year so far.

What’s the best movie/show you’ve seen recently?

Best film of the year so far is Issa López's Tigers Are Not Afraid. An absolutely haunting masterwork about a group of kids trying to survive the effects of Mexico's drug/cartel violence that weaves fantasy elements amongst tragedy in a profound cinematic experience.

Aside from radio, what else do you like to do?

My career I work as a video editor for a local production company, working on a vast array of projects from television series to documentaries to corporate video to commercials and more. Also keep busy involved in the local music scene playing in bands such as Soul Mates and Cloven Hand. On top of that I also co-own and run a small film releasing/distribution company called Videonomicon where we release forgotten and obscure cult films from around the world on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray.

What’s your favourite/least favourite pizza topping?

I suck at picking favourites apparently and there's soooo many good pizza toppings and soooo many good different kinds of pizza. So let me pick my favourite pizza joint in the city and their best pizza (which is unique to them): Panarama Pizza (located in Maggie's Sausage House & Deli, so fresh and authentic deli meats and toppings make up the pizzas!) and you gotta order the Fritella! Least favourite pizza topping though is a no brainer: Olives. Hands down. 

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

Recently finished reading Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by Gary K. Wolf (which if you didn't know Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is actually based on a book!). It's quite a bit different than the film version with the main difference being the Toons are from comic strips instead of cartoons and talk via speech bubbles, and obviously a little more adult than the Disney movie, but was a helluva fun read!

Though Tyler hosts a Spoken Word (non-music) program at CFCR, here is a playlist of songs that he likes. By the sounds of it, maybe he should consider doing a music show as well!

Swamp Dogg - "The World Beyond"

Blue Youth - "(The Worst Of It) Is You"

Hot Snakes - "Six-Wave Hold Down"

Blue Phantom - "Dipnoi"

Czar - "Cecilia"

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