After recently consolidating his musical efforts under a single banner, Saskatoon electro-guru Quadrant Khan (who previously also DJed as Chakra Khan), has recently jetted off on an extended musical vacation to Italy where he has been playing lots of shows in and around Milan. Despite any culture shock Khan may have experienced, he's finding the Italian culture of music refreshing.

"It's been a very interesting and good experience musically," Khan said, via email. "The difference is that in the clubs, electronic music is for the most part strictly 4/4 dance, techno, electro and house music which is a refreshing change from the club scene in Canada where the genres are much more varied but the "dance" culture is not a focus."

Later this summer, Khan has a big show planned in Rome, as well as shows in the far south of Italy, so if you're in the neighbourhood, you can drop in and say hi. Tell him CFCR sent you.

Before he left for Italy, QK played live on Shaw's Stripped Down TV program and actually came out of it with a live track recorded. The song, entitled "The Feeling" can be streamed and/or downloaded below:

Quadrant Khan - "The Feeling"

QK has a live album in the works, so be sure to visit his website for updates.