Local twang collective The Browntones have just released their debut recording, eight songs of lovin', leavin', drinkin' and dyin' called Grit And Glory.

The driving force behind the band features former CFCR host Jody Cason and one of our newest board members, Craig Silliphant. Joining the pair on the recording are such local notables as Keef and Chris Laramee (Shooting Guns) and Alison Whelan (former member of Carbon Dating Service), as well as Jason Barker, Charis Bauer and Dave Scaddan.

Check out the G&G cover art as well as the track "Preserves," for your pleasure, below:

The Browntones - "Preserves"
[audio:http://cfcr.ca/pub/blog/uploads/2011/06/The Browntones - Preserves.mp3|titles=The Browntones - Preserves]

You can also stream the album's first track "Thirsty, Lonely, and Sore" and pick it up for a buck at the band's bandcamp site. The Browntones will be planning an album release party sometime in the coming months, so stay tuned to CFCR.ca for more details!