During a recent archaelogical dig in downtown Saskatoon, some very historic and important artifacts were unearthed. They are photographs documenting the music and art festival known as "Sled Island" in Calgary, AB in the year 2016...

But seriously folks, what happened was our Program Director Jay realized that he didn't post his Sled Island pictures from 2016, so we're going to show them to you now! That's what #TBT is meant for, right? That time that someone did a thing, and now they're posting about it, a year later. Right?

Anyway, we'll be posting our coverage from the 2017 festival starting next week, but we thought we'd start with this throwback batch of photos from last year's festival, featuring a bunch of really awesome bands.


together PANGEA

CFCR 2016 Showcase!


The Switching Yard




Shooting Guns


The Sonics

Built To Spill

Guided By Voices

All photos (c) 2016 Jay Allen