With the recent release of their highly anticipated new album, La La Land, the Plants and Animals show proved to be a pretty hoppin' Thursday evening at Amigos Cantina. This turned out to be an understatement, with a sold out crowd on hand to witness the Montreal band's return to Saskatoon.

Having just hosted my radio show, Faster, Leonard Cohen, Die! Die!, I made it to Amigos just in time to see the last couple songs of opening band, Vancouver's Said the Whale. Even at that point, the crowd filled the bar, raising the relative humidity of the joint to near dangerous levels.

After Said the Whale finished, I made my way to the stage, staking out a nice spot to shoot a couple photos. I figured since I was beside -- not in front of -- the stage-side speakers, I'd be OK sound-wise. As soon as the band struck note one, I knew I was gravely mistaken. It was, in a word, very, very loud.

I did manage to get a few shots before escaping to quieter pastures, so have a look at a couple of them below:

Posted by: The Jay of Spades, host.

All photos (c) 2010 Jason Allen