Jan 12, 2012

Chad Reyolds BW.jpgRemember that Sesame Street song, “These are the people in your neighbourhood?”  Well, here’s a new feature about the people at your community radio station!  You like to party, and we like to party, so why don’t we party together?  Join us for...

Get to Know a CFCR Volunteer!

This week, the one and only Chad Reynolds!  Reynolds is host of the Tuesday edition of The Buzz, where he spins new music and does interviews with everyone from musicians to community organizers. Writer and CFCR board member Craig Silliphant caught up with Chad to ask him why he loves being a CFCR host/volunteer, what his favourite interview was, and what shows he loves on CFCR. You can tune in and hear had Reynolds on The Buzz every Tuesday from 5 to 6pm!

Craig Silliphant: How did you first come to learn about CFCR?

Chad Reynolds: Well, I grew up in Saskatoon, so I had heard of CFCR long ago as a result of channel surfing, but I really came to appreciate it when my CD player crapped out in first year university. My true love for community radio blossomed during summer jobs when one [local commercial] station had to be on [at work] aaaaaall day. I could hear 15 songs ten times each in a workday, or be treated to carefully selected playlists by a variety of different hosts with different tastes throughout the day on CFCR. That sounds like an ad, but it’s true.

CS: Why do you volunteer? What do you love about CFCR? Why is it important to the community?

CR:  I’ll admit that there are some days I feel like doing the show and some that I don’t. But every time I get in that studio I’m glad I went. I remember Jay saying when I started that I had to start out on The Afternoon Buzz [now simply called The Buzz], as it was always the hardest to fill. No one liked doing interviews. It’s true that when I applied, I had imagined a show without interviews, but after I did my first one, I was hooked! I get to meet all of the most interesting people in Saskatoon, and Canada -- those who have something so interesting to say that it warrants being broadcasted over the airwaves.

CS:  Who was your favourite interview?

CR:  I remember one of my favourite interviews being with Luke Doucet, an absolutely amazing Canadian guitarist and singer/songwriter. The interview started off quite standard and a slight bit awkward. I decided to admit to unknowingly hitting on his girlfriend, now his wife, Melissa McClelland, back in 2005 when I worked at Louis and he was touring through. That changed everything. He had a great response to it and he opened up and we got into some pretty deep topics. The interview ended up being fantastic and inspired me to look for similar results in future interviews. It’s just getting to know people. My favourite thing.

CS:  Why do you think CFCR is important to the community?

CR:  Volunteering at CFCR, for me, is about connecting with those people and being part of something so special for the arts community in Saskatoon.  Any community needs a meeting place, and a voice. CFCR has its many ears to the ground and generally knows what’s up. The notion of local business helping local business is more essential than ever now, as we see more and more ‘little guys’ getting swallowed up. CFCR is a powerful tool that can give a voice to everything local, and it celebrates the beautiful community we have. Plus, how fun is it to listen to people just doing their own thing on the radio? It’s great.

CS:  What’s your favourite CFCR show?

CR:  I’m a nightlife guy. Until January 1st this year, I hadn’t been up before 10 AM since I figured out [the notion of not taking] morning classes. I had always heard people talk about Green Eggs & Ham, but never was able to listen to it. I get it now; it’s a great way to wake up, and you get a different host every morning! Brilliant! I’m also a huge fan of Hallucinations (Psychedelia), Expansions (Old School Hip Hop funk, Disco), and TV Party Tonight (Punk rock).

CS:  Who is your favourite local band?

CR:  Right now I have to shout out to Father Figures, an unreal rock duo from Saskatoon. As an Open Mic night host on Broadway, I’m lucky enough to see a lot of bands in their early stages. Father Figures are moving at full-speed. They have equal parts skill and creativity, both of which are through the roof. And guess what? It’s catchy too. Nutso rhythms, but still easy to get into and chalk-full of harmonies. Barely any local rock bands are using vocal harmonies these days! It makes you want to party; that’s what it does.

CS:  What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

CR:  I’m all over artist biographies lately. I just saw Prince in Edmonton, so now I’m obsessed and have bookmarks in both ‘Dance Music Sex Romance: The First Decade’ by Per Nilsen and ‘Chaos, Disorder, and Revolution’ by James Draper.

CS:  Aside from radio, what else do you like to do?

CR:  I guess I’m bit of a foodie, so I love going out for drinks and dinner. Really I just do it for the social aspect. This city has a lot to offer for people like me lately. I’m also into rock climbing and event planning/promotion.

Be a part of the community at CFCR by volunteering!  You can apply to be a host and pitch your show idea --- OR you can be a part of the CFCR Army of Volunteers!

Pitch a show idea!  It’s like appearing on a crappy American talent TV show, except you appear in front of Program Director Jay Allen instead of Simon Cowell.  And Jay is way less crappy! Your friends and neighbours will envy you.  The opposite sex will find you irresistible!  You may even be featured here, for all the world to see!  It’s fun and it helps both the station and the community-at-large.  You can contact Jay Allen at the station (number below) or by emailing

And if you just want to help out in the community or around the station without hosting a show, shoot a message to CFCR’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ricki, at or by calling 664-6678.  She’ll add you to her list, and the next time the station needs an extra set of hands, you’ll hear from Ricki.

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