May 10, 2012

Kevin McG-Scott Pic.jpgRemember that Sesame Street song, “These are the people in your neighbourhood?”  Well, here’s a new feature about the people at your community radio station!  You like to party, and we like to party, so why don’t we party together?  Join us for...

Get to Know a CFCR Volunteer!

This week, meet the one and only Kevin McGuigan-Scott!  You’d know him as Mr. November, and as host of the Thursday edition of The RCMP (co-hosting with Tito) from 4-5pm. Writer and CFCR board member Craig Silliphant caught up with Kevin to ask him why he loves being a CFCR host/volunteer, what his favourite interview was, and what shows he loves on CFCR. You can tune in and hear Kevin on The RCMP every Thursday!

CRAIG: How did you first come to learn about CFCR?

KEVIN: Charly Hustle.  He brought me under his wing years ago when he was hosting Hot Buttered Soul on Fridays.  He introduced me to the necessities: Nina Simone and Dr. Pepper.

CRAIG: Why do you volunteer? Why is CFCR important to the community?

KEVIN: I like to host because you get to goof off and play some tunes. CFCR's a cornerstone of Saskatoon. The people who work and volunteer for the station are typically really good people. It's just one of those things that helps make Saskatoon an interesting place. They play a lot of local music that wouldn't get played on other stations. It kind of provides a backbone to the local arts and culture scene. The arts and culture scene in Saskatchewan isn't getting a lot of love lately so it's good to have some collectives around town doing their part to make a difference and foster creativity. Plus it's unique to Saskatoon. Lots of cities have community radio stations but I doubt many of 'em play as big a role for a city as CFCR does for Saskatoon.

CRAIG: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on the air?

KEVIN:  The day that Tito walked into the studio. Also, that time when someone called in to say that they liked a song I was playing.

CRAIG:  What’s your favourite CFCR show?

KEVIN: To name a couple: Tin Cans & Twine is great and Shoulder Crow makes for a pretty good sidekick (although maybe Shakey is Shoulder Crow's sidekick...I dunno how they work that out), Hallucinations, Hot Buttered Soul (Charly Hustle's is great but I'm partial to all), Pirate Radio, and Nightwaves. Sigrid [Kirmse] is my favorite host though; you gotta have respect for someone who's been a host for as long as the station's been around.

CRAIG:  Who is your favourite local band?

KEVIN: Lots. Cat Dad, Ride Till Dawn, Friends Electric, Caves, Classy Chassys, The Switching Yard, Jeans Boots, The Shakey Elevators, and the Wizards to name a few. The Karpinka Brothers' music makes you feel pretty damn good about yourself and it helps that they're two of the raddest dudes you'd ever meet. Fellas over at Pop Quiz have been doing a lotta cool stuff too.

CRAIG: Aside from radio, what else do you like to do?

KEVIN: I make dollhouse furniture.

CRAIG: Quick! Name five uses for a stapler that doesn’t involve stapling!

KEVIN: Craig, you know I hate staplers.

Editor's note: Kevin's going to be taking a brief sabbatical from hosting to try his hand a learning to speak French.. in Vancouver.. We look forward to having him back at the end of June!

Be a part of the community at CFCR by volunteering!  You can apply to be a host and pitch your show idea --- OR you can be a part of the CFCR Army of Volunteers!

Pitch a show idea!  It’s like appearing on a crappy American talent TV show, except you appear in front of Program Director Jay Allen instead of Simon Cowell.  And Jay is way less crappy! Your friends and neighbours will envy you.  The opposite sex will find you irresistible!  You may even be featured here, for all the world to see!  It’s fun and it helps both the station and the community-at-large.  You can contact Jay Allen at the station (number below) or by emailing

And if you just want to help out in the community or around the station without hosting a show, shoot a message to CFCR’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ricki, at or by calling 664-6678.  She’ll add you to her list, and the next time the station needs an extra set of hands, you’ll hear from Ricki.

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