Aug 5, 2016

Are you the type of person to wear a shirt one day, then flip it inside out and wear it again because you are a) lazy and/or b) own two t-shirts total? Well, no need to stink up the place any longer. Your friends here at CFCR have you covered!

For a linited time, we've slashed the prices on our T-shirts to only $10! You're likely asking yourself "Is CFCR crazy?," and the answer is a definitive "YES," but you can make our craziness your big chance to SAVE!

So drop everything and head on over to CFCR HQ (267 3rd Ave S, 3rd Floor - M-F 10am -6pm), or hit up our convenient online webstore to get in on the action. Sizes and Quantities are limited, and operators are standing by!



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